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Focus Groups/Mock Trials

General Format in conducting focus groups/mock trials
In a focus group or mock trial, an impending case is introduced before a group of mock jurors who are selected according to the demographics of the trial venue. The objective is to pin point the strengths and weaknesses of both plaintiff and defense and rewrite, adjust and refine trial strategy according to the mock jurors' feedback.
In addition, mock jurors offer invaluable feedback about the credibility of key witnesses, effectiveness of demonstrative evidence and persuasiveness of counsel.
The focus group/mock trial format allows for case presentations from both plaintiff and defense counsel. Key witnesses, whose credibility is essential to winning the case, have an opportunity to offer testimony. The jurors fill out case questionnaires which record their individual responses to the specific issues and witnesses. The mock jurors then deliberate the case and complete a jury verdict form.
Each focus group/mock trial exercise is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client in terms of number of hours and costs. A focus group/mock trial exercise can last from 4 hours to 2 -3 days and can consist of up to 4 jury panels. So focus groups and mock trials can be used for smaller as well as larger cases. Focus groups and mock trials are an essential component in preparing for trial in today’s complex litigation and a significant part of the services offered in trial and jury consulting.
Benefits of mock trials in determining trial strategy
Conducting focus groups and mock trials offers numerous and important advantages in the courtroom. They allow counsel to:
  • Conduct a dress rehearsal of the case before going into the courtroom
  • Identify the loopholes in plaintiff and defense’s trial strategies
  • Identify the weaknesses and strengths in plaintiff and defense’s arguments
  • Identify the weakness and strengths in counsel’s communication style
  • Test the credibility quotient of prime witnesses
  • Test the effectiveness of demonstrative evidence
  • Determine the monetary value of the case
  • Determine the advantages and disadvantages of settling