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The Synchronics Group adds value at every step of the pre-trial process, from conducting mock trials to selecting the jury, designing courtroom visuals and preparing witnesses. They are an absolutely key player in preparing for trial. "
Blyth Mickelson
Van Bourg Law Offices



A ten step procedure to developing a compelling opening statement
Putting together a compelling opening statement involves three primary tasks:
  • Organizing the contents
  • Designing trial exhibits to visually interpret the evidence
  • Delivering the information persuasively
Putting together a compelling opening statement is a time-consuming, demanding and often times, stressful task. We offer clients a 10 step procedure which eliminates the stress and assures success. But the task still takes time. The time is in knowing the content of opening statement so well that counsel can deliver it without notes. To be able to deliver an opening statement like it is a conversation with each individual juror, and not a speech, demands practice, practice and more practice. Notice that the last three steps in the procedure address this imperative.
Step 1 Find the case theme and emotional hook that will bring home the verdict
Step 2 Define the main issues that the jurors have to know in order to vote for you
Step 3 Identify the evidence needed to substantiate those main issues
Step 4 Illustrate the main issues by converting them into trial exhibits
Step 5 Translate the trial exhibits into a high or low technological delivery system
Step 6 Organize an introduction, body and conclusion to your opening
Step 7 Learn persuasive nonverbal delivery techniques to keep the jurors listening
Step 8 Practice
Step 9 Practice
Step 10 Practice