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Constance Bernstein is an absolutely key player in preparing for arbitration or trial, providing the extra edge needed to win. She can help pick the themes that work, convert them to dynamic, memorable exhibits and then help train the lawyers and witnesses to use them to their advantage. It's always a pleasure working with her.
Philip McLeod - Keesal, Young & Logan



General procedure involved in integrating the verbal and visual trial
The Synchronics Group Trial Consultants helps clients integrate the verbal and visual messages into a synchronized performance which captures the jurors’ attention and keeps it. Too often, the visual trial is an after-thought, consisting of blow-ups or Power Point charts which detail the facts, but fail to instruct the jurors about the significance of those facts. An effective visual trial digests the facts and translates them into exhibits which illustrate the larger issues.
To develop a compelling visual trial, counsel will want to begin conceptualizing exhibits as strategy is being developed, integrating word and picture throughout the process. By weaving the verbal and visual message into an integrated whole, and beginning the process early on, counsel is assured that the visual trial will reflect the significant issues, not merely the specific details.
Benefits of integrating the verbal and visual trial
Trials are performances and jurors want to be entertained. Pictures are an integral part of that entertainment, as well as an essential part of the learning experience. When the words and pictures are not integrated, jurors stop listening. By synchronizing the words with the pictures, counsel is assured to:
  • Make a more effective case presentation, so that the jurors will understand the case as counsel intends them to
  • Capture the attention of the jurors and keep it throughout trial
  • Help jurors translate complicated, abstract information into concrete images with which they are familiar
  • Help jurors make sense of what seems to be senseless data
  • Keep control over the dissemination of information, i.e., what the jurors know and when they know it
  • Enhance the performance of witnesses by providing them with integrated trial exhibits
  • Establish the leadership position as teacher, to whom the jurors look for guidance