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"The exhibit we took into mediation - conceived and designed by The Synchronics Group - was decisive in our winning an 8 million dollar settlement. The case was complicated, but the exhibit explained our points so clearly and concisely, that opposing counsel decided to settle right then and there. The case settled the day they saw the exhibit."
Robert Green
Green and Girard



General format for witness preparation training

Your expert witness might have a mile long resume, but is he credible? Your client might be a great guy, but will the jurors think so? Your friendly witness seems confident now, but how will she hold up under cross-examination?

The Synchronics Group Trial Consultants can answer these questions for you. We work with both friendly and expert witnesses to prepare them for their courtroom testimony, using videotape feedback as the educational medium.

Because of our focus on courtroom communications, we bring a special expertise to preparing witnesses. Specifically, we critique witnesses in terms of how effective they communicate both the verbal and nonverbal message. The end result is an analysis of each witnesses’ communication style and an evaluation of how credible the jurors will perceive them.

In terms of the verbal critique, we help friendly witnesses reframe issues so that they are less vulnerable to attack by opposing counsel. And we help expert witnesses translate their message into language that ordinary jurors can understand.

In terms of the nonverbal critique, we analyze witnesses in terms of their paralinguistic and nonverbal communication styles, and offer concrete suggestions and techniques to increase their effectiveness.

In general, our goal is to help all witnesses address the relevant points clearly and concisely, stay off the defensive and project a professional and authoritative demeanor.
Benefits of witness preparation training
When we work with witnesses, counsel can be sure that:
  • Those witnesses will communicate their message clearly and concisely to the jurors
  • They will communicate their message with self-confidence and credibility
  • Those witnesses will perform well under cross-examination
  • Counsel will minimize the time he/she spends preparing witnesses, and at the same time, maximize the persuasiveness of their testimony
  • Those witnesses will advance counsel’s case presentation and trial strategy