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Constance Bernstein is an absolutely key player in preparing for arbitration or trial, providing the extra edge needed to win. She can help pick the themes that work, convert them to dynamic, memorable exhibits and then help train the lawyers and witnesses to use them to their advantage. It's always a pleasure working with her.
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has been working with attorneys in the courtroom since 1981. We are one of the oldest trial consulting companies in the country, pioneering the use of scientific and academic principles which have become essential components in today's complex litigation.
The Synchronics Group Trial Consultants provides the full range of jury and trial consulting services, with a special focus on courtroom communications. We help clients bridge the communication gap in the courtroom between what counsel says versus what the jurors hear. Jurors remember 20% of what they hear, versus 80% of what they see. By integrating trial strategy with trial exhibits, we make sure what counsel says is what the jurors see. We don’t simply blow up evidence; we visually interpret trial strategy. By expertly marrying words with pictures, we increase our client’s persuasion four-fold.
And we bring the same creative and unique perspective to all the services we offer. We collect scientific data on juror attitudes and apply them in jury selection. But data is based on general sampling; how do we know the juror in the box is typical? How much time will we have in voir dire to find out? To help compensate for thesse limitations, The Synchronics Group Trial Consultants has designed a unique methodology for notating the nonverbal signals of each individual juror. These observations can be made quickly; they are based on the specific juror in the courtroom, not a generalized juror; and they reveal information which helps determine attitudes. In summary, these observations are significant to making intelligent strike decisions.
The Synchronics Group Trial Consultants works with both plaintiff and defense counsel in civil litigation cases in every area of the law, including securities, intellectual property, contract, business, toxic tort, insurance coverage, product liability, medical malpractice, personal injury, employment, discrimmination and sexual abuse.
As a full, one-stop trial consulting service, we offer the following assistance:
  • Trial strategy
  • Demonstrative evidence
  • Mock trials
  • Courtroom graphics
  • Juror profiles
  • Synchronizing the verbal and visual trial
  • Juror questionnaires
  • Opening statement
  • Voir dire strategy
  • Closing argument
  • Jury selection
  • Witness preparation
  • Shadow juries
  • Post-trial surveys
  • Trial exhibits
  • Community surveys
  • CLE educational presentations and seminars

Benefits of choosing The Synchronics Group Trial Consultants

A Full Service Company
We provide the full range of trial consulting services, with the added benefit of a sophisticated graphic arts department, offering one-stop shopping to meet your complete trial consulting needs
25 years of experience
Constance Bernstein is one of the most experienced trial consultants in the country, with a 25 year background in the classroom, conference room, courtroom and media communications.
Accessible, accountable and flexible
Our business depends on the satisfaction of our clients, so our objective is to assure our clients’ satisfaction with the services we provide. We do not accept a project unless we can give it our undivided attention. We work around our client’s time and budget demands, around the clock. Serving our clients’ needs is our first priority.
Our strategy to winning trials is unique, and our execution of that strategy equally unique. We apply scientific principles to our jury research; interpersonal communication skills to the courtroom; and artistic creativity to our trial exhibits, marrying both the science and art of effective communications.
The Synchronics Group Trial Consultant’s work product is of the highest professional quality: Intelligently reasoned, impeccably researched, creatively executed and expertly written.
Cost Efficient
As a small boutique trial consulting service, we are able to avoid large overheads. Those savings go directly to our clients, in the form of lower fees and higher cost efficiencies.