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You are choosing a jury. The case concerns a 34 year old woman who was riding in her friend's car when the car was hit by oncoming traffic. The plaintiff suffered minor neck and back pains, but otherwise, seemed all right. Now, however, she is complaining of depression, lack of concentration and nightmares. She makes mistakes at work, is nervous, anxious and ill tempered. She says her life has changed dramatically since the accident and is suing for pain and suffering and loss of ability to work.
One of the potential female jurors is wearing the shoes in illustration #1. Another is wearing the shoes in illustration #2. As defense counsel, which juror would you prefer?
Answer to Quiz
If I were assisting defense counsel in jury selection, I would point out that the woman who is wearing the boots presents a more stable and balanced posture than the woman wearing the 3 inch heels. The boots are comfortable and easy to walk in, and still fashionable. The flat heel keeps a busy woman connected to the ground and balanced. They allow her to assert herself in the world.
High heels fit the more traditional female image – elegant, but unsteady. With so little of her foot connected to the ground, this woman sits in the stratosphere, precariously perched on a stiletto heel. She is restrained in her movement and can easily be knocked off balance. These shoes demand a more passive demeanor, one of being observed rather than being on the move.
The defense wants practical, down-to-earth jurors who will examine plaintiff's claims with a critical eye; weigh possibility versus probability; judge the case according to the facts and not feelings. Defense wants people grounded in reality rather than soaring the heights of fanciful imagination. So I would recommend the woman wearing the boots.
Other Indicators
Shoes are just one indicator of personality. Clothes, accessories, jewelry, make-up, hair style, fingernails, body shape, tension, gestures, posture are other nonverbal indicators. The more nonverbal indicators you can interpret, the more reliable your evaluation. Being aware of these indicators will not guarantee you a jury verdict, but being literate in the nonverbal language gives you that extra bit of information in jury selection which could make the difference between an educated guess and a wild shot.