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General format in conducting a post-trial survey

Post-trial surveys are conducted immediately after a trial is over. Each sitting juror is interviewed to determine his/her views on the trial strategy, case arguments, case presentation and trial exhibits. Jurors are interviewed about their perceptions of the witnesses and attorneys. They are questioned about what happened in deliberations.

The objective of a post-trial survey is to collect original jury research which can be used to map out successful trial strategies for future litigation involving similar cases. These surveys uncover the mysteries of what actually happens in the courtroom and are the most reliable jury data upon which to base future courtroom trial strategies for any kind of serial litigation.

Benefits of post-trial surveys in terms of trial strategy

Post-trial surveys, completed after the trial is over, answer all the questions litigators want to know when they first go into trial:
  • Which case issues are/are not significant to the verdict and why
  • Which arguments are/are not persuasive and why
  • Which witnesses are/are not credible and why
  • Which attorneys are/are not credible and why
  • Which issues are discussed and which ones get lost in the jury deliberations
  • How do jurors determine the economic, pain and suffering and punitive damages
  • Which strategies are significant for future cases in this kind of litigation