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Constance Bernstein is an absolutely key player in preparing for arbitration or trial, providing the extra edge needed to win. She can help pick the themes that work, convert them to dynamic, memorable exhibits and then help train the lawyers and witnesses to use them to their advantage. It's always a pleasure working with her.
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General format for conducting a community survey

A community survey is a public opinion survey which identifies the community’s attitudes about a particular case or set of issues and interprets the data demographically. This kind of public opinion survey is the most reliable jury research instrument to identify the demographics of the favorable/unfavorable juror for jury selection.

Conducting a community survey is central to putting together a juror profile which will be statistically significant. With the scientific results of the public opinion survey, counsel can go into jury selection with a clear and precise set of criteria which will identify the plaintiff versus defense juror. With this information, counsel can map out a successful voir dire strategy.

The community surveyed can be a city, county, state or country. The number of participants in this kind of social science research can vary, depending on the size of the survey. The length of the telephone interview is typically ten to fifteen minutes.

Benefits of community surveys in determining trial strategy

This kind of public opinion survey scientifically identifies a juror profile for the case and allows counsel to map out a successful trial strategy in terms of knowing:

  • How the community will vote on your case
  • The demographics of a favorable/unfavorable juror
  • The community’s attitudes about the issues
  • Your most effective case presentation
  • Whether you can get a fair trial in that venue
  • The advantages and disadvantages of settling