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"The Synchronics Group's visuals make complex cases simple so the jury can see for themselves why you should win."
Frank Bailey
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General format for developing demonstrative evidence and courtroom graphics

Jurors remember 80% of what they see versus 20% of what they hear. One of the most valuable jury consulting services The Synchronics Group Trial Consultants offers is developing trial exhibits, demonstrative evidence and courtroom graphics. Our special area of expertise within the field of jury research is in translating abstract, complicated ideas into concrete visual images. Our trial exhibits enhance your courtroom persuasion because they make it easy for jurors to ‘get the picture.’

Each trial exhibit is designed to persuasively communicate your case strategy. To meet that challenge, each trial exhibit is designed to fulfill three objectives:
  • Educate the jurors about the significant case issues
  • Entertain the jurors, i.e., stimulate their interest and keep them focused on your case presentation
  • Enhance your leadership and authority in the courtroom, so that the jurors look to you – not opposing counsel – for the answers. Our persuasive trial exhibits demonstrate and enhance your expertise, knowledge, preparation, control, credibility and leadership in the courtroom.
The Synchronics Group Trial Consultants designs trial exhibits for both high and low technological delivery systems, according to the task at hand, courtroom strategy and budget demands.
Benefits of trial exhibits to case presentation
Developing persuasive trial exhibits to visually communicate the case to the jurors is one of the most challenging tasks for litigators, and one of the most valuable services we offer. Compelling demonstrative evidence and courtroom graphics can make the difference between winning and losing a case. We begin planning trial exhibits while developing trial strategy, so that the demonstrative evidence and courtroom graphics are an integral part of case presentation, not simply an add-on.
The trial exhibits we develop and produce will:
  • Visually illustrate the case strategy so jurors “get it”
  • Make an impossibly complicated case easier for the jurors to understand
  • Translate abstract ideas into concrete visual images that jurors can understand